Luxury Vinyl

With our luxury vinyl flooring for Ottawa homes, the beautiful flooring you see now is exactly what you will enjoy for years to come. For the home, it is elegant and contemporary, with remarkably long-life, and totally waterproof durability that will accommodate even the high-traffic needs of commercial spaces like hotels or restaurants.

vinyl flooring in ottawa bathroom

No Longer Just for the Bathroom or Kitchen

Vinyl Flooring in Ottawa has always been the preferred choice for kitchen and bathroom floors. This is due to the material’s water and stain-resistant qualities, ease of cleaning, and cushion effect on the feet. New vinyl plank products capture the unique style and appearance of actual wood species, including oak, English walnut, and heart pine. Just like real wood, each plank has a textured surface with bevelled edges and ends to create an incredibly realistic and natural look.

Vinyl Sheets, Tiles & Planks

The Vinyl flooring in our Ottawa store can now be purchased in sheets, individual tiles or planks, and features an endless array of colours and patterns including many that closely resemble natural products like wood, stone, and ceramic tile making it ideal for dressing up any room in the house.

Vinyl tile consists of 4 primary layers:

  1. A urethane wear layer to resist scratches and scuffs
  2. A protective clear film layer to protect against rips, tears, and gouging
  3. A printed design layer that carries realistic colours and patterns, and
  4. A structural vinyl backing layer that adds strength and durability.

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