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When updating an aged property or seeking a refresh for your existing space, hardwood floor refinishing in Ottawa can breathe new life into any room. Evaluate the wear and tear on your flooring. A simple buff and a fresh layer of varnish may suffice for minor imperfections or a lacklustre finish. However, even if your floors demand a full revamp, tackling hardwood refinishing is a feasible and fulfilling project.


Continental Flooring specializes in the installation and refinishing of hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are beautiful additions to any home, but over time they tend to accumulate scratches, dents and dings. While these blemishes may not be aesthetically pleasing, they will not affect the structural integrity of your floors so it is possible to refinish them. To give your floors more life or a new look, here are some opinions Continental Flooring offers. We provide hardwood floor refinishing in Ottawa to keep your flooring beautiful for many more years to come.

Pad and Re-Coat System

Regardless of the quality of your hardwood floor’s finish, it will inevitably show signs of wear due to its constant strain. Regular upkeep is essential to shield them from daily wear and tear – be it muddy shoes, pet claws, spilled beverages, and countless other factors. With continued exposure to these elements, the floor’s finish accumulates damage, gathers dirt, and becomes scratched. The pad and recoat method allows the application of a new coat of finish without the cost and inconvenience of complete sanding. It is not recommended to repair deep scratches, dents, or water damage.

Screen and Re-Coat

The process of “screen and recoat” is one of the hidden gems in hardwood flooring. Yet, it deserves more attention as it can conserve money, effort, and time throughout the lifespan of your hardwood floor. Using an abrasion method with a screen enables the repair of deeper scratches and prepares the surface for excellent adhesion of a new coat.

Sand and Re-Coat

Sand and refinish can eliminate superficial and more ingrained scratches, given that sands down to the bare hardwood. While this method effectively removes many scratches that have breached the polyurethane layer, some deep gouges may remain if they’re too profound to sand away. Nonetheless, the process allows for repairs, ensuring a seamless blend between the newly refinished and the existing floor sections. For a severely damaged floor or to allow a complete colour change, we start by sanding right down to the wood surface, then apply multiple coats of varnish to create an incredibly durable and long-lasting finish.

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