November 11, 2015

What You Need To Know About Carpet Removal

Having a new carpet installed at your place? You decided to remove the old one all by yourself? It’s a smart move and an easy way to save some money. Also, no special carpet removal tools or skills are needed, and the job goes pretty quickly. Before getting into the […]
July 27, 2015

The flooring language

Flooring is a whole world with a lingo of its own. The language can get strange and confusing and might need explaining. Since you are the ones buying the materials lets clear it up. Hardwood Solid (made of timber) and engineered (joining two or more layers of timber to form […]
June 25, 2015

The Best Flooring For Your Room

So you’ve decided you want to replace your Ottawa flooring, before you start picking out new flooring it’s important that you choose the kind that’s best suited for each room. All Over The House Laminate: Ottawa laminate flooring is inexpensive, scratch-resistant, easy to clean and can look like real wood or […]