April 11, 2022

Signs you should replace your hardwood floors

If you have had Ottawa hardwood flooring in your home for quite some time, you may be wondering if it is time to replace them. An excellent place to start is to discuss it with your Ottawa flooring store. But in the meantime, here are some things to look for. […]
March 10, 2022

Pros and cons of using hardwood flooring in bedrooms

You are redecorating your bedroom or perhaps building a new home, and you are deciding about the flooring. The basic choices are hardwood or carpeting, and it can be a difficult decision. Here’s some info about what to expect with an Ottawa hardwood floor. Hardwood will add charm and comfort […]
February 28, 2022
hardwood floor installation in ottawa

What to expect of an Ottawa hardwood flooring installation

While working with your Ottawa hardwood flooring company, you discussed the benefits of durability, maintenance, value, and outright beauty. Now it is time to prepare for the installation. Here is what you should expect.  Ordering You should expect to sign a contract, pay for the materials upfront, and include a […]
May 14, 2019
Hardwood Floors Ottawa

Reasons That Make Hardwood Flooring a Good Choice

There are a number of Ottawa flooring options available in the market. Each flooring option has its own unique set of benefits depending on its application. For residential flooring needs, hardwood floors have many unique benefits and are among the best options. Although homeowners will most probably not consider hardwood […]
February 28, 2019
Hardwood Flooring Ottawa

How to Save Money When Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Are looking to install Ottawa hardwood flooring in your home or office? Continental Flooring located in Ottawa recommends that you find high-quality hardwood flooring options and at the same time look to save some money. The process should start by identifying the exact materials or items that you want to install. […]
August 4, 2017

Environmentally Friendly Flooring Materials

More and more customers are seeking out environmentally friendly and conscionably-sourced materials for every aspect of their home, including the flooring that they will walk across every single day. Gone are the days of bland and boring materials that used to be the hallmark of eco-friendly home design solutions. Manufacturers […]
October 23, 2015

Best Flooring For Basement

Basement flooring installation could be one of the most challenging things for a homeowner. On the one hand, there is an abundance of flooring materials available, but on the other hand, are they all good for the ground level? Before selecting your flooring type, you should definitely go through some […]
August 24, 2015

Our Top Flooring Ideas from Pinterest

As you may already know, Continental Flooring loves Pinterest for all the ideas it gave us. It gave us the opportunity to share our ideas, our favourite picks and styles. We want our Pinterest page to be the place to go when we talk about flooring, making it easy for our customers to […]